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Van Giảm Áp Samyang
Van Giảm Áp Samyang
Van Giảm Áp Samyang

Van giảm áp SamYang Hàn Quốc

Van giảm áp SamYang Hàn Quốc

This pressure reducing valve,
which is used for construction
facilities and industrial steam
lines, demonstrates stable control
and subtle operations. It features
an outstanding performance even
with severe changes in the steam
flow and primary pressure.

Pilot-type pressure reducing valve for steam features a precise adjustment function.
With only a single adjustment, a constant pressure level is maintained, thereby ensuring
Convenient piping construction, thanks to its simple structure and solidity.
Superb performance even in places where primary steam pressure changes are severe.
Pressure at a constant level, regardless of changes in the secondary flow.

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